Decentralized Crypto platform


Ethereum as a decentralized currency is an open blockchain platform runs on blockchain technology. Just like a Bitcoin, there is no authority that controls Ethereum. It is an open source project, featured with adaptability and flexibility. It is built by global people where creating new applications can be possible. With release of Homestead, Ethereum is now safe to utilize those applications.
Ethereum runs smart contracts: It serve as an application that operates explicitly as it programmed. There won’t be a possibility of censorship, third party influence or downtime.
With many other new opportunities, Ethereum’s digital currency turns and transform money into pure code- This include decentralized autonomous organizations, one clicks online commerce, machine to machine payments and other new business models.

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Smart way of Trading Ethereum

Most Active Marketplace for Ethereum

As among the top Digital Exchange, Bitoye Exchange provides highly secured and progressive trading features. We ensure smooth trading of Ethereum price and exchange of currencies by just keeping enough online. It results in reducing the risk and exposure. The monitoring service from Bitoye sets any suspicious activity apart before it becomes a problem.

Secure Wallet Solution

What is Ethereum Wallets

Ethereum wallet is associated with ShapeShift. As the rise of Ethereum is growing day by day, many users are concerning a secure wallet solution. Below are the best five Ethereum that is worth pay attention to!

  • XETH
  • JAXX
  • MIST
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