Fleeting guide to Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency introduced in the year 2009. The transaction with Bitcoin is not subjected to any central authority, rather it is open and manage by individual users.

A peer-peer digital currency

Who originated Bitcoin?

Santoshi Nakamoto is the group of programmers under which Bitcoin has originated. Since the transactions take place directly, it will be verified by network nodes to record further in public ledger publicly which is called Blockchain.

Bitcoin trading

Why Bitcoin?

Irrespective of the states or borders, the world has become less dependent. In this scenario, there was a need of universal currency to communicate and enhance business without any barriers. It has to be just like measuring weight, distance and temperature globally. Henceforth Bitcoin trading

  • Bitcoin cryptocurrency is Global- A person from any corner of the world can make transactions via Bitcoin.
  • It is not controlled by any central authority
  • This decentralized currency is a better way to send unlimited amount of money.
  • Privacy concern is an additional feature Bitcoin offers. It runs via digital bitcoin wallets which operates through a key.
  • Payment through Bitcoin is Safe and secure: Unlike Credit card payments, Bitcoin transactions are subject to the approval by its owner every time he does.
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Where to Buy Bitcoin?

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